The Enchanted Baker


“The Enchanted Baker”


Inspired to bake by my Mother at 8 years old..


A little about me..... I've been baking since I was about 8 years old. My mother always let me help in the kitchen and I developed a love for baking way back then. I combined decorating a cake with baking when my mother gave me my first Wilton book in 1979!!

My passion for baking continues to this day! Through the years, I've made many children's themed birthday cakes, specialty cakes, cheesecakes, chocolate ganache, cookies, pastries, biscotti and more! I will periodically post some of the things I've done over the years for you to see.

I believe that not only should baked goods look good, they should also taste good. I will never use a mix!!! Everything I make is made from scratch with the freshest and best ingredients possible!! Most of the fruits I use are organic, as well as the carrots for my carrot cake! The flour is both UNBLEACHED AND UNBROMATED!! We eat enough chemicals in so many of our foods, you don’t need them in the sweets you enjoy too!! ♥

I periodically go back to NY to visit Bobby Artuso of Artuso & Sons Bakery! He’s been so very helpful with showing me how Italian pastry and cookies are made...and gave me ALL his recipes too! The Artuso family bakeries started way back in 1946 and still do well today! There’s a reason why!! I can’t begin to thank him enough! I get my sfogliatelle and cannoli shells shipped down from them too!!! Yummmmm

FYI... (Flour companies will bleach flour to make it white, but what this does is develop ALLOXAN, which is a chemical known to help in the development of diabetes!! They will also add BROMINE, Bromated flour is “enriched” with potassium bromate. Commercial baking companies claim it makes the dough more elastic and better able to stand up to bread hooks. What it does to the human body though is it eats away at the iodine, which is essential to the thyroid! This is one of the reasons nutritionists tell you to stay away from white flour products! They contain too many chemicals!!)

Enjoy some of the photos on my facebook page! Every sweet treat was a labor of love!! ♥

Enjoy!! :)